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Impatience is a virtue. It always gets things done quicker; getting them done better is not the issue, at least you’re flying along by the seat of your pants in a slipstream somewhere, and probably having a delightful time doing it.

So that’s me. Miss Impatient. I’m the kind of girl who’s already reaching for the button on her jeans before she’s closed the cubicle door because I’m having far too much fun bumbling along to waste extra seconds in the loo.

And that’s Broken Rose; performance that wants to show off now, and not later when it could be more practiced. No. That would ruin the aesthetic. We’re here to teach something primal. Here to tell a story of love, hatred, and someone who never made it by others’ standards, but by some other warped one, one day you’ll see their name in ‘effing lights.

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Broken Rose

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Tongue-in-Cheek Dance Parade Footage now live!

Footage from the Tongue-in-Cheek Eccentrics dance parade which took place in June 2009, as part of Warwick Student Arts Festival, at Warwick University, is now live on our YouTube channel.

The parade moved between two different stages and involved the swapping of music and costumes between dance styles. This footage is that which was choreographed by Gemma Connell, now the artistic Director of Broken Rose, who used this project as inspiration for her performing arts company.

The parade took just over a year to organise, and experienced many technical difficulties along the way, but it generated the second largest audience of the entire week-long festival, pretty impressive for 11 o'clock in the morning! As it was such a huge success, Gemma used the parade as a prototype for what would eventually become Broken Rose.

For more Broken Rose and Tongue-in Cheek footage, check out the Broken Rose channell -

Huge thanks go to Samilia E for filming and editing this for us.

Just Another Rockstar.
Broken Rose.

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