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Impatience is a virtue. It always gets things done quicker; getting them done better is not the issue, at least you’re flying along by the seat of your pants in a slipstream somewhere, and probably having a delightful time doing it.

So that’s me. Miss Impatient. I’m the kind of girl who’s already reaching for the button on her jeans before she’s closed the cubicle door because I’m having far too much fun bumbling along to waste extra seconds in the loo.

And that’s Broken Rose; performance that wants to show off now, and not later when it could be more practiced. No. That would ruin the aesthetic. We’re here to teach something primal. Here to tell a story of love, hatred, and someone who never made it by others’ standards, but by some other warped one, one day you’ll see their name in ‘effing lights.

Just Another Rockstar

Broken Rose

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Monday, 30 August 2010

1# "Your Story" series - Gemma Connell

As promised, the example videos for the new Broken Rose "Your Story" series are now up!

In this two-parter, Broken Rose Artistic Director Gemma Connell discusses how she got into the performing arts industry. Part of the episode talks about her involvement in the Macclesfield Band Wagon Project (2000-2001) and in the dance groups Street Vibe, EQHO and the Tongue-in-Cheek Eccentrics at Warwick University (2007-2010) whilst part two moves on to her work at the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester, projects that Broken Rose has lead to, and hopes for the company's future.

Photos by Francesca Hughes of Original Fuse Designs -
Huge thanks also goes to Francesca, who was the brain child of this series.

For more information on the "Your Story" series, check out the post below and don't forget to send your videos put your videos on megaupload or rapidshare (in AVI or WMV format) and then send the link to

Just Another Rockstar.
Broken Rose.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

*New* Broken Rose "Your Story" series on YouTube

Hey Rockstars!

We've got an exciting new opportunity for you! If you are a performing arts organisation/crew/group/individual, promote yourselves through Broken Rose by sending us videos describing who you are and what you do. We will then post the video on our YouTube, on this website and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The aim is to help each other make it in this industry.

Who we are looking for:
- Dancers/dance groups/companies
- Actors/Theatre companies/groups
- Performance artists

The video can include:
- videos of performances
- videos of rehearsals
- film yourself talking about your group/yourself
- show us things you are proud of
- tell us how you got where you are, why you decided to do it, and where you plan to go from here.

Videos must be in AVI or WMV format, as Artistic Director Gemma Connell will do an introduction to the video.

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TO MEGAUPLOAD OR RAPIDSHARE and send the link and any other material you would like us to consider to

Can't wait to see you all!

Just Another Rockstar.
Broken Rose.